The Results of Spring 2020 Undergraduate Dormitory Application

Check the allocation results:

Followings are the explanation of the waiting list.

All applicants get a waiting list number. 

If there is an empty bed available then you will receive the e-mail notice sequentially.

Students can log in the system website to search for the waiting conditions. 

The current waiting list order is effective till 30 APR.  2020.

Please wait patiently as vacancies will be let out according to the waiting list order. 

Notification will be emailed to your ntu mail box once a vacancy is available for you.

Notifications will also be posted online on the Housing Service Division website.

Please visit if you are interested in applying for the BOT prince house.

Students may apply for both main campus and BOT at the same time, but they should choose either of them when they get both.

Please contact us if you have any question pertaining to student dormitory application and admission matters.

Student Housing Service Division, Ms. Anhua Feng, email, phone 02-3366-2266.

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